Shipping Info

Shipping and Delivery

We offer a cost-based shipping system and we aim to fulfill every order as soon as possible.  Please contact directly for any questions or requests regarding shipping methods, or address changes. Customers will be notified of a proper tracking number once it has been fulfilled.

Please note delivery times may vary depending on location, and we do not guarantee these delivery times due to third-party factors beyond our control. We also ask our international customers to kindly provide a telephone number when placing your orders. This will help tremendously in making sure orders are cleared through customs and arrive in your hands in a proper time frame. 


Shipping Rates


$1-$49:                           $9

$50-$99:                         $11

$100-$199:                     $13

$200-$299:                     $15

$300-and up:                  $17



$1-$49                           $19

$50-$99                         $22

$100-$199                     $25

$200-$299                     $27

$300-and up                  $29



$1-$49                           $40

$50-$99                         $44

$100-$149                     $48

$150-$299                     $52

$300-$399                     $60

$400-$499                     $70

$500-$599                     $80

$600-and up                  $90


Additional shipping costs for rejected or returned to shipper packages are the responsibility of the customer.