The Shop

Our highest value is to create an environment where people can connect through similar appreciations.  Our prime commonality has always been a simple one; beautiful and unique clothing and products from the world over. Collectively we have a uniquely structured elevated contemporary menswear store that simply did not exist in any capacity in Denver.  From that need, and our aforementioned desire, Steadbrook was brought to life in 2013.

The shop curates a fine balance between fashion, functionality and quality, with a detailed focus on brands.  Balancing these elements within an environment where you can simply grab an afternoon coffee and catch up with friends is what we believe makes Steadbrook so special. We offer brands carefully curated from all over the world specifically for their their unique and individual strengths- whatever we sell, we ensure the brands are leaders both within their category, as well as the intricate web of worldwide garment makers.  Steadbrook puts in the legwork to bring you the coolest and most interesting brands, making it easy to shop and interact with the individual garments.  Gone is the pretention of large department stores and too-cool boutiques- we are more interested in making friends who buy products they believe in, than simply selling the most units possible.  We look forward to seeing you in our RiNo store soon.


Our Neighborhood

Our store is located in a beautiful and considered space within the River North (RiNo) Arts District, historically known as Five Points. Through Denver's timeline Five Points was an industrial district but has always held an important place within the creative community as the home to some of the city's best DIY art venues, Jazz bars and other community based projects.  Over the years its immediate proximity to downtown Denver as well as its association with the beatnik movement through Jack Kerouac made it the perfect home for the emerging arts and creative community in Denver. When choosing the location of our store, it was important to us to surround ourselves not only with those we consider our friends and community, but also those who inspire us. Amidst artists, the best craft restaurants Denver has to offer, and many other interesting retail concepts, we have found it to be the perfect home for our eclectic and personal mix.


Our City

Denver is an amazing city that is in a very exciting position and we’re beyond grateful to be a part of all that is happening in this hub of travel, activities, and culture. Outside of the obvious things, like having more sunshine than San Diego, Miami, or even Kahului (Maui), over 200 parks, and yes the Rocky Mountains as our back yard, Denver is a place where dreams still live.

With a youthful population, and a seemingly endless supply of new ideas coming to fruition all the time, it’s a place where your options start to feel endless and where people are genuinely excited to be. One thing often said about Denver is, “most people move to a city for a job, people move to Denver for a lifestyle and a community,” and folks who put that at the forefront of their priorities are exactly the society we want to be a part of.