The Shop

Our highest of goals is to create an environment where people can connect with others that have similar values and appreciations to share life together. Collectively we have a uniquely structured lifestyle that was not being catered to in Denver and from that need, and our aforementioned desire, the shop was brought to life.

The shop manages a fine balance between quality, functionality, and fashion with a hint of skate/surf influence set within an environment where you can simply grab an afternoon coffee and catch up with friends. Offering brands carefully curated from all over the world specifically for their leadership, be that establishing environmental activism groups to protect what they love, or sourcing and producing everything responsibly and organically within a local economy, you know when you browse, you’re getting some of the best products available to this industry.

Our Neighborhood

We intentionally chose to exist within the Baker neighborhood because of the role Baker has played in much of Denver history. The first subdivision in Baker was platted along Santa Fe, south of Sixth Ave. in 1872, and residential development started making progress in the 1880s. Baker is a mix of industrial, residential and commercial properties with the area along I-25 having an industrial character, the area along Broadway, where we call home, consisting mostly of local retail shops and restaurants, and north of Alameda between Santa Fe and Broadway making up the residential core. Outside of it’s technical specs, the people who call Baker home are an amazing mix from small families to solo creatives, and the vibe is unmatched in Denver. We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this community.

Our City

Denver is an amazing city that is in a very exciting position and we’re beyond grateful to be a part of all that is happening in this hub of travel, activities, and culture. Outside of the obvious things, like having more sunshine than San Diego, Miami, or even Kahului (Maui), over 200 parks, and yes the Rocky Mountains as our back yard, Denver is a place where dreams still live.

With a youthful population, and a seemingly endless supply of new ideas coming to fruition all the time, it’s a place where your options start to feel endless and where people are genuinely excited to be. One thing often said about Denver is, “most people move to a city for a job, people move to Denver for a lifestyle and a community,” and folks who put that at the forefront of their priorities are exactly the society we want to be a part of.