Anniversary Collection Lookbook

Culture Steadbrook

It's hard to believe that a year has already passed since we opened the doors to Steadbrook. Inversely, looking at the community that we celebrated this year with makes us feel like we've been around for much longer. It's that spirit and perspective that guided our anniversary collection and sets a precedence for how we plan to continue moving forward. Collaborating with three of our favorite brands, who simultaneously have been heavy supporters of Steadbrook, we present to you our Anniversary Capsule Collection composed of a 9 oz. shirt by 3sixteen, followed by a lightweight poplin cap with black satin...

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VSCO x Steadbrook Capsule Collection Lookbook

Photography VSCO

We had the opportunity to partner with VSCO to create a Capsule Collection with imagery from four photographers who inspire us. On November 15, the VSCO x Steadbrook Capsule Collection became available for purchase in store as well as online here. A portion of the proceeds will go towards VSCO's photography scholarship fund. The following imagery was captured by Luca Venter to create a stunning lookbook for the collection. Utilizing some spectacular Denver locations Luca was able to showcase the pieces from Marat Shaya's brilliant floral, through the Ebbet's Field caps and the powerful capture of Jordan Butcher in a...

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Layering Guide: Short Winter Days

Layering Outdoor Sunday Essentials

Though it has not quite happened yet, soon all the leaves will have fallen off the trees and cleared off of our yards. For the majority of the winter Denver is not covered in snow, but rather the greyed out muted ground colors of cold weather along with the bold colors of the obnoxiously early yet remarkably beautiful mid afternoon sunsets. With daylight hours occupying less of our day we have to think about how we can dress more intentionally for colder temperatures while still holding tight to our approach of clothing as a curation of art pieces. This particular...

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Layering Guide: Everyday Fall

Outdoor Sunday Essentials

Fall is a great time to get creative with the way your clothes are worn. Its a time of year when you can mix clothes from the summer with the warmer clothes needed as seasons transition. Getting back to the idea that clothing is art, and layering is an art, when leaves start changing and colors are vibrant, it inspires us to put together something that reflects what we experience around town and in the mountains.  Fall is also a time when it is a good idea to be prepared for unpredictable temperatures. Having multiple layer options that can easily...

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Behind the Scenes: Building Steadbrook

Behind the Scenes

46 S. Broadway hasn't always been the wood filled, white walled, coffee infused, artistically curated place you now know it to be. In fact, not too many months ago it was frankly trashed. But we loved that trashed box from the first moment we walked in. Sure it had a terrible drop ceiling, no floors or finished walls, old heaters popping out the floor, and plenty of other "problems," but we immediately saw what it could be. This post is really nostalgic to us. The photos aren't perfect, but rather a collection of random iPhone shots along the way, renderings,...

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