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A Year in Review

Culture Getting Acquainted Steadbrook

As we look back, it is hard to imagine that one year has already gone by. It goes to show that time really can fly–especially when you’re so passionate about all that you’re working on, learning, and living. It seems just like yesterday we were dreaming up the idea of what Steadbrook could become; a space that could be a gathering place for our friends, a place to have fun, discover new ideas, new relationships, new perspectives and to send people out to enjoy this lifestyle together. Now we’re here, already a year later, reflecting on how Steadbrook has become...

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Anniversary Collection Lookbook

Culture Steadbrook

It's hard to believe that a year has already passed since we opened the doors to Steadbrook. Inversely, looking at the community that we celebrated this year with makes us feel like we've been around for much longer. It's that spirit and perspective that guided our anniversary collection and sets a precedence for how we plan to continue moving forward. Collaborating with three of our favorite brands, who simultaneously have been heavy supporters of Steadbrook, we present to you our Anniversary Capsule Collection composed of a 9 oz. shirt by 3sixteen, followed by a lightweight poplin cap with black satin...

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Getting Acquainted: Jay DeRose

Culture Getting Acquainted

If you come into the store often, it's a near impossibility that you haven't had the chance to meet Jay.  When he's not working on one of his many other personal and professional endeavors, we're always excited at the opportunity to get him in the store crafting some of the best coffee and espresso drinks around, or giving the rundown on fabrics, cuts and stitching techniques between different lines within the shop. Jay has that go get em' mentality, and continuously pushes forward in producing a variety of different leather, canvas, and denim pieces for his own lines of products...

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