Autumn / Winter 19 Lookbook: A Day in Denver Pt. 1

Life this time of year can begin to seem so hectic, with necessity and obligations pulling us in seemingly countless directions.  Our team spends most of our days in our Rino store, and much as we love folding pants, making pour overs and getting your orders shipped, we always look forward to getting outside of the store and interact with our city that we feel so lucky to call home. Recently the stars aligned and we were all able to take a Sunday off, and we thought why not visit some of our favorite spots and share them with you all!  



Left to Right:
Zaki wears Svalbard Harris Tweed & Jens Corduroy Zip-Up Overshirt from Norse Projects, Nicky Tee by A.P.C., & Rugby Sweatpants by Reigning Champ.

Sandisz wears OG Logo Watch Beanie, Quilted Jacket & German Logo Overdyed Hoodie by Liberaiders, 1961 551 Z by Levi's Vintage Clothing, & Logo High Top Ramones by Rick Owens DRKSHDW

Noah wears Unico Sunglasses by Super, Shaggy Grey Cardigan & Carpenter Trousers by Our Legacy, & 1950's Hoodie by Levi's Vintage Clothing.

Elias wears Sherpa Ranch Coat by Levi's Made & Crafted, Daniel Frost Racing Skier Tee by Norse Projects & 1947 501 by Levi's Vintage Clothing.



We started the morning off at one of our favorite and iconic vegan eateries, City O' City.  Home restaurant to conscientious artists and artisans alike, their motto is to serve all needs to all people, which feels like a shared commonality for us.  A round of americanos and sweet potato cinnamon rolls were on our minds and soon to be bellies on this particular snow morning, and as usual they did not disappoint.



Our next stop was just around the corner, at one of our favorite womenswear stores in town.  The store is run by our friends, but it is the eclectic and thoughtful curation of both contemporary designers and found vintage pieces that continue drawing us back (and perhaps a shared love of ceremonial matcha).  You get the feeling that each time you visit Queen City General Store you just might find something wonderful that you simply didn't know you needed yet.  Zaki bought a shard of rose quartz, and Noah still has his eyes on some particularly compelling hunks of amethyst.




A few blocks further away, we found ourselves popping into one of our favorite book stores in town, Kilgore.  We are firm believers that knowledge is strength, and that the wisdom of a simple book and a few hours disconnected from distractions and endless scrolling are profoundly valuable.  We soon found our noses buried in books that spoke to our interests individually; Noah in a book on illustration, Zaki on architecture, Elias in poems about kindness and Sandisz in a thousand-page manga.  What was meant to be a quick stop stretched delightfully into a longer stop, and mid-morning began to feel like mid-afternoon.  The day was just getting started for us however, and on we went!



The Capitol Hill district is equally historic and fascinating to us, and its many alleyways and businesses hidden among residences simply feel real and authentic. Residing in a city in which the stories of gentrification and development feel a bit too close to home and rushed, it feels nice to spend a bit of time in an area that feels like it hasn't been in a rush to change into much of anything different at all.  Progress is a wonderful thing, and all healthy things are sure to grow, but we can appreciate the places which honor the past as much as they desire the progress of the future.

The day was just getting started for the Steadbrook boys, but we needed a quick coffee break back at the shop. We can't wait to share part two of the day next week with you all. 


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