Autumn / Winter 19 Lookbook: A Day in Denver Pt. 2

The day was just getting started for the Steadbrook boys.  We had already eaten, shopped and read our way through Cap Hill, and we stopped back at the shop for another quick pour over.  We were just getting started, and after a quick outfit change we were buzzing with excitement to head onwards.  Our Rino store is located just a few blocks away from the light rail line, and we love taking advantage of that convenience whenever we can.



From left to right:

Noah wears the Harlem Cap and Menson Pant by Carhartt, Leopard Poly Fleece Reversible Vest by You Must Create, and Popover Roundneck Sweater by Our Legacy.

Elias wears Overshirt 10904 and 'Graphic Five' L/S Tee 23484 by Stone Island and Utility Cargo Pant by Stussy.

Sandisz wears Insulated Jacket by Stussy, Jorn Half Zip and Aros Light Twill Slim Pant by Norse Projects and Ramones by Rick Owens DRKSHDW.

Zaki wears Elliot Shearling by Norse Projects, Honey Print Patch Sweat by Our Legacy, and Cargo Pants 30702 by Stone Island.



Rino Neighborhood


Through Denver's timeline Five Points was an industrial district but has always held an important place within the creative community as the home to some of the city's best DIY art venues, Jazz bars and other community based projects.  More recently it has been referred to and known as RiNo, or the River North Arts District.  Over the years its immediate proximity to downtown Denver as well as its association with the beatnik movement through Jack Kerouac made it the perfect home for the emerging arts and creative community in Denver.  Amidst artists, the best craft restaurants Denver has to offer, and many other interesting retail concepts, we have found it to be the perfect home for our eclectic and personal mix.  As much time as we spend here, we often find ourselves surprised by many of the new galleries and businesses that seem to spring up over night, and we often find ourselves walking the numerous alleyways and streets, digesting the street art and seeing what we may stumble upon.



The Lightrail


Any Denver resident knows that the talks of light rail expansion and routes are somewhat of a running joke- despite lags in construction and scheduling, we happily say that we are proud public transit travelers, and so lucky to be located near the RiNo stop!  We believe that the less we can each use individual vehicles and transportation and pool together, the more we can collectively reduce our impact and save some of the stresses on the congested highways and roads.  Not to mention, riding the lightrail is fun!


Union Station


Downtown Denver has so many interesting things to offer, but one of the most recent and high level projects is undoubtedly the newly finished Union Station.  Hub to many forms of transit including light rail, Amtrak and local buses, it is centrally located and home to tons of exciting businesses and restaurants.  Whether you’re breezing by for a drink at the Cooper Lounge, grabbing some food at mercantile or a cone from Milkbox Ice Creamery, you’re sure to find something fun and new.  We found ourselves impressed that every detail of the stunning Great Hall space paid homage to Colorado’s pioneer spirit while embracing a truly modern sensibility.



Zoe Mama


A cold snowy day and empty bellies meant it was time for some delicious Chinese street food!  Zoe Ma Ma, named for Anna Zoe, the Taiwanese chef and mother of owner Edwin Zoe, was just what the doctor ordered.  Prepared with both zeal and tradition, it was no time before our heads were bowed into steaming bowls of broth and noodles.  A chorus of slurps and sips followed and it was no time before smiles began to peek from ear to ear all around.


The rest of the day was just getting started, but as luck would have it we had to get back to some real work.  We always feel so grateful and enthusiastic to be able to do what we do- working with such phenomenal brands from around the world, putting together creative ways to shoot and merchandize it, and of course the most important part, getting to bring all those things together for our amazing friends and customers who make it all possible.  Thanks for following along and as always, we look forward to seeing you soon!



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