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If you come into the store often, it's a near impossibility that you haven't had the chance to meet Jay.  When he's not working on one of his many other personal and professional endeavors, we're always excited at the opportunity to get him in the store crafting some of the best coffee and espresso drinks around, or giving the rundown on fabrics, cuts and stitching techniques between different lines within the shop. Jay has that go get em' mentality, and continuously pushes forward in producing a variety of different leather, canvas, and denim pieces for his own lines of products as well as a vast

number of commissions.  Custom lunch bags, belts, key fobs, aprons, the list goes on and on. Ryan Lien, one of our best friends and shop regulars put it this way, "Getting to know Jay, I realized how much of a stand up dude he is, honest, loyal, a genuinely all around great guy and friend".  He's the kind of guy that could make all his own tools, clothing, even machines and it wouldn't be surprising. But Jay is way more than just another craftsman, slicing up leather and pounding rivets on a spotlit reclaimed wood table, Jay is a genuine guy who's passionate about continuously creating new and exciting experiences for this community.

Getting to know jay, I realized how much of a stand up dude he is, honest, loyal, a genuinely all around great guy and friend

If you haven't picked up on it yet, we're big fans of quality coffee.  That may be an understatement.  Even more though, we enjoy the atmosphere and situations that a wonderfully crafted cup of coffee can provide.  Jay has long been know around town for his Barista skills with people traveling to different shops specifically based on his work schedule.  Noticing that type of respect and following, the smart folks over at  NINETY PLUS COFFEE , the highly sought after coffee producer recently swooped up Jay for an internal position. 

Amidst his variety of commitments, Jay still makes time for friends, skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and to help make some of the best coffee for you while you're hanging in the shop.  He's got some other exciting, yet to be revealed projects up his sleeve, and we're honored to partner with him in his pursuits to create some of the greatest experiences out there.  Keep an eye here for more updates on all that Jay is up to and make sure to get to know him on a more personal level next time you catch him in the shop.  

 additional photography provided by Luca Venter and Jarrod Renaud