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In smaller settings, a curator is one who takes sole responsibility to acquire a collection and to create a system in which the exhibit is experienced. Clothing is art. The amazing attribute of clothing comes with the ability to wear art and layering becomes the way in which that art can be interpreted. It can be a challenge to curate pieces from vastly

different locations and cultures, intentions and executions. When timeless esthetics and quality driven pieces are sought out it can mean fewer pieces in the wardrobe.  Layering helps to mix it up and provide variety when single items get repetitive. Weather creates an obvious direction when deciding what is best functionally and this collection seeks to help show what is possible with those colder, wet autumn days.

Though usually its easiest to start with the first layer, we chose the TwoThirds Gorliz jacket for the wet weather. Made out of 100% recycled polyester it is naturally waterproof and windproof. With a thin insulated lining it allows us to add an optional warm layer underneath without getting too bulky.

The Muttonhead Camping Hoodie works very well as the optional warming layer. The fit plays really nicely in the middle between the first and outer layer by featuring a loose waist that sits comfortably by not riding up at all and a Henley style neck that allows the first layer to be revealed. The light grey color proves a nice but not too stark contrast between layers.

It is important to have a well fitting shirt that sits underneath the outer two layers. One that ins't too loose that would bunch up and not too tight to restrict movement. The I Love Ugly Navy Plus shirt does an amazing job with a slim silhouette and a longer length so that it reveals itself at the neck as well as below. The color sits back behind while adding another level of contrast. The shirt is also a great stand alone if the other layers are shed.

The I Love Ugly Ralph pant fits well with the others simply because of the color. It is a nice middle tone where the others bounce on both side of that middle value bringing it all together in a way. The uniqueness of the Ralph pant fit offers an intriguing aspect in a quite subtle color scheme.