Layering Guide: Spring

Layering Steadbrook Sunday Essentials

It is always easy to make fun of how unpredictable the autumn and spring seasons are in Denver. The weather is really all over the place. The Spring can be exceptionally taunting while coming out of the cold of winter. 80 degree days can lead you to think summer is here, then a 2 day snow storm will change that idea quickly.

Regardless of location, this is a general guide for addressing the mild or transitional weather. The key is versatility. Changing weather does not have to mean changing clothes, it just means wearing layers that will work with a wide range of conditions.  3 light layers can provide insulation and warmth in the cold.  Then when the temperature rises, opening the top 2 layers instantly cools.

Norse Projects Bendt Light Jacket
A light jacket is a piece that every one regrets not having when the sun goes down. Having a stylistic and functionally versatile outer layer is important because it is the first defense against sudden weather change, and creates a lasting impression with others. The Bendt Light features an overshirt cut from a compact nylon/polyester oxford fabric with a water resistant finish. Translated: the jacket looks like it would fit in a board meeting but begs to be worn while skating in the rain.

Carhartt Work In Progress Robert Shirt
As we personally curated all the brands in the shop, Work In Progress was one that we begged to carry from the beginning.  Progressing and translating clothing originating from quality workwear to the active urban lifestyle with a heavy influence from skateboarding is something we value immensely. The Robert shirt is a perfect mid layer both because of the weight and color, a nice tie in to the blue skies of spring.

Carhartt Work In Progress Sid Chino
Made with a blend of Cotton/T400®/Polyester Stretch Twill, the Sids are a WIP classic. Keeping it stylistically simple, these are perfect for just about everything.

ohw? Farrell Shoes
With most fits, we like to create color layers. The beanie and pants are different but lighter tones, separated by the overall darker middle. To tie in the the darker middle, but including the blue shirt, we went with a navy shoe, both for contrast and balance. The Farrell's are made in their own family owned factory with an approach to create contemporary and functional designs. Being mindful of the changing weather, these shoes are perfect for whatever might come. The thick gripped rubber sole provides a comfortable foundation if you find yourself going for a long walk around the city.

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