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One of the best things about Denver is the weather. We only get 8 to 15 inches of precipitation annually and during the winter, the average temperature is 45 degrees. The mountains take up most of the clouds and snowfall, but every so often, one will sneak over or come from the east making it hard to plan for all the variance the weather can bring throughout the day.

After experiencing the bright colors of fall, the winter weather brings more muted tones that can feel like a drag, but we say have fun with it! The cold weather mixed with some light flurries, a dark color palette and a cup of coffee can feel quite classy if you prepare enough to feel comfortable. The main idea behind this guide is the perfect mixture of aesthetics and functionality.

As the winter progresses and we get though our storms, a cap like our navy Corduroy/Cotton Twill 5 Panel can be the easiest option to add on to provide some warmth while not going full on with a beanie. We love mixing navy with greys and blacks as a subtle contrast while keeping the overall dark tones and staying consistent with the inspirational winter palette.

Brand new to the shop we are really excited to introduce Apolis to the mixture and combine with the other phenomenal brands we represent. Their Moleskin Button Under is made with Japanese cotton and has been hand washed making it incredibly soft and warm. A key part of the outfit versatility comes into play as it can be used as an over shirt or a primary shirt, and features 2 handy military chest pockets.

Norse Projects comes through as always with their unbeatably simple yet intriguingly complex pieces. The Thomas Slim Wool chino has an updated fit that is slim, but the wool blend allows it to the flexible and comfortable, not to mention warm. Their Thor Light Cotton jacket embraces the same principals by providing a light shell that blocks the wind and moisture while being incredibly light.

With a navy top and dark pants, it is easy to finish any outfit with some black shoes. The finer textures of the jacket and wool pants provide a nice foundation to then add a bigger texture pattern. The hand woven toe cap on the Thorocraft Ross adds a simple variation to the textural composition that can really only be truly appreciate and noticed at a personal level, thus adding depth to the experience.