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Fall in Denver is upon us!  It's probably our favorite time of year simply because the weather is really starting to cool down, skateparks are empty during the day, and the brief time when the the leaves change is breathtaking.  Mornings can shock your system with the cold, afternoons can be very comfortable, then the temps dip right back down in the evening with the ever so earlier sunset.

The colors of the season are very inspiring, so why not use that as a color guide for layering?  God always likes to make it easy by showing us how it's done, so look outside, pick some colors, and go for it.  For this guide, we simply picked up some leaves we found on the ground, grabbed some clothes that matched, added some black because it goes with everything, and done!

A beanie might be the most versatile and helpful piece of clothing during the fall.  The H Beanie by Han Kjobenhavn is deep enough to cover your ears and neck when it's cold, but light enough where you won't sweat.  A black beanie is a true staple simply because you can throw it on with anything.

The Bubble Camo button down by Jiberish is perfect for fall.  Not only does the sewn in pattern match so well with the fallen leaves on the ground, but the weight and fit is perfect to layer over.  A very notable detail is that this cut allows it to not bunch under hoodies, sweaters, or jackets.  Considering the custom fabric, Jiberish has made it very affordable as a bonus.

Without needing to throw on winter coats just yet, the Gustav crew neck by Norse Projects works extremely well as an outer layer.  As the winter rolls in, it works equally well when worn under a jacket.  Made with cotton on the inside for comfort, and wool on the outside for warmth, Norse Projects has produced an extremely functionial sweater that amazes us every time we put it on.

With enough color on the top, its nice to keep the rest simple.  Tying in with the beanie and the new Lowe sneakers by Thorocraft, the Norse Projects Aros Slim Heavy Chino provides both warmth and versatility.  The slim cut allows it to work in the most formal situations, and the heavy construction provides a durability just in case you find yourself getting out of the city, and going for a hike in the beautiful golden aspen trees.