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Summers in Denver are experienced by plenty of direct, intense sunshine.  The dry, semi-arid climate allows for escape from the heat in the shade, but it also makes the temperature change drastically when clouds roll in or the sun goes down.  This variance makes it possible to have some fun with layers.

For the other guides, the colors were inspired by the landscape and the changing color scheme occurring naturally.  This one pays tribute to tradition and the ideals surrounding the holiday that occurs in the hottest month in Denver, the 4th of July.  From the bright summer sun, to the colors of fireworks in the dark sky.

A lot of times it is easiest to start choosing your wardrobe with a good t-shirt.  Our newest release of t-shirts features a tri-blend material which means they are super soft.  The Broadway Denver Stacked tee serves as that comfortable base even when you need to add to it.

The Boucle shorts by Jiberish are made from a Japanese boucle cotton/tweed.  The fit of these shorts allows for movement as well as appropriate ventilation to keep everything cooler.  The material is comfortable enough for the biking adventures through the city, and is durable enough to withstand overnight camping trips.

Even in the hottest month of the year, when temperatures can break 100° F, nights can still drop below 60° F.  It is always good to be properly prepared to throw on a layer to keep comfortable while watching the bombs bursting in air.  The Yale Blue Casual Long Sleeve shirt by I Love Ugly is a very study, durable shirt built for whatever comes your way in the adventures of summer.

Another absolute summer essential is a good, light hat.  Though different textures, the Polo Chambray cap of ours plays well alongside the varying visual textures of the heathered t-shirt and the boucle shorts.  The weight of the cap, along with the unstructured fit is built for comfort and class.  The 6-panel construction and the simple color scheme make it an easy addition to any wardrobe, as well as a good fit for any activity under that blasted hot sun.