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05 Jul

A Year in Review

As we look back, it is hard to imagine that one year has already gone by. It goes to show that time really can fly–especially when you’re so passionate about all that you’re working on, learning, and living. It seems just like yesterday we were dreaming up the idea of what Steadbrook could become; a space that could be a gathering place for our friends, a place to have fun, discover new ideas, new relationships, new perspectives and to send people out to enjoy this lifestyle together. Now we’re here, already a year later, reflecting on how Steadbrook has become all of these things and so much more.

We have always had the desire to build a place where we can be honest–like the tree houses or forts that we knew from when we were kids. Even more, we wanted a place removed of exclusions, a real place we would be proud to bring anyone, and everyone could have their part.

Now we are one year into this crazy roller-coaster ride, and we owe every ounce of our success to the people who came together to form what Steadbrook has become. Our old friends, new friends, loved ones and supporters–all of who we are proud to call our Family. Thank you.

What the shop looked like before we put a little elbow grease into it.

What the shop looks like now.

At our 4th of July BBQ, our good friend and daily visitor John Camalick (aka Super Fresh) became our grill-master.

Sometimes we practice nose manuals in the shop. A few drywall patches later, we’ve gotten much better.

We usually start each day with pour over coffee, but on special days we just might have a cappuccino.

We made friends with a band called Run River North. Sally picked up our Collegiate Floral Crew before playing at a venue in Colorado Springs–we of course had to go see them live.

We now have a few shop dogs competing to become our mascot. Some of our favorite pups: Atlas, Coast, and Lucy.

As well as a dog that made a special visit while traveling across the country.

Maddie and her owner, Theron, were on a cross country book tour, sharing stories and meeting new people with the hopes of showing how great adopting dogs from shelters can be.

We’ve had old friends and new friends visit from out of state to take a picture in our #steadbox. Including a few members of the band Local Natives...

and the team from Self Edge and 3sixteen. Check out our Instagram for more #steadbox photos.

One of our biggest events of the year was our collaboration with VSCO. We had the opportunity to create a Capsule Collection with imagery from four photographers who inspire us. Read more about the collab here.

Last but not least, we had a party to celebrate our being in business for one year and the launch of our anniversary collection.

Thanks to Sweet Action Ice Cream, Great Divide Brewery, Peach Street Distillery, Rocky Mountain Soda, and Root & Field for helping make the night awesome.

And of course, to all the amazing friends and family who came to celebrate with us–we wouldn't be here without you!